Bali: Birthday Surprise (Day 1 & 2)

Back in February this year, we pulled off a failed birthday surprise for Ant. After weeks of planning between Eileen, Joel and myself, we thought we’re in for an exciting ambush. When we arrived on the late evening flight (a day after the couple), we made our way to the well-known Ayana Resort & Spa, the BBQ seafood restaurant (Kisik Bar and Grill) where Eileen had planned the location for the birthday dinner. We appeared with a “Mdm.. you need anything else?” cheekily, only to get a response of “Oh.. come already ah?”. Gwa… gwa.. gwa. Perhaps we just blew her night of a romantic dinner lol.


The next day, it was as if the birthday surprise didn’t happen. We had planned this trip as a tour of 4 pax (obviously wasn’t the case), hit the streets for breakfast and roamed around Bali streets.

Our accommodation was the Akmani Legian hotel, easily accessible to food and shopping nearby. The hotel was rather new and we were satisfied with the facilities, rooms and the food they served. The staff service was friendly and hospitable. Only one complaint, the lobby area, which we always hung around before we call the night off, had too many mosquitoes. We were bodies of a bloody feast literally.


The Akmani Legian Hotel
 Jl. Legian Raya 91, Kuta – Bali, Indonesia
 visit site

We asians brunch must look scary to caucasians. We most definitely don’t go for the bacon, eggs and milk routine. Our meal was oily, spicy and as heavy as it gets.


The colourful streets of Bali.


Random tee-shirts like “I’m not gay.. but $20 is $20” made total sense. I could be a tee-shirt designer in Bali already. Designing one that says, “Chilli is hawt.. but my mother is not my father” or something like that.


A 15-20mins walk, brought us to the Kuta beach. Kuta beach definitely isn’t the best beach to visit and judge for the rest. It’s just a meh beach with some trash on shore, and people approaching you to sell you weaved friendship bands, scarfs and all that shenanigan.

But the low tide, which made patrons walk further out the sea was quite nice for people watching.

photo credit: courtesy of E.


Feel like a pop star or a rockstar with a snazzy sandwich.


This was my first trip to Bali and it was like don’t know how many times already for the buddies. So they were kind enough to accompany me to visit the Tanah Lot Temple, known as the “break-up island”. I guess it only works for straight couples lol. *looks at my knot tied couple buddy, E & A*

Is it really true? Read this.


Very windy indeed. Spot the “star” symbol behind. We getting lucky.


Wedding photoshoot with the waves. Going against the superstitions of the breakup island.


photo credit: courtesy of E.

Spent the nightfall at the rooftop pool. Surprisingly, despite the small hotel, the pool was accompanied by a drinks bar and there was like an area for people to just sit around and get a tan or something. The view was nice too as we watch the sun set.


Next up.. Day 3, the visit to Jatiluwih rice terrace and the royal temple.

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