almost toronto: the biggest rainbow ever (day 5 & 6)

we went on a bus coach from nyc chinatown to niagara falls and we caught probably the biggest rainbow in our entire life. it’s so huge it’s almost unreal. i regretted not bring my kit lens. right across, buildings in toronto can be seen. the waterfall, greenery & rainbow, amongst nature? pretty magnificent.

looking like some superpower orb glass protective shield. penetrating rainbow! no photo manipulation done! the lady doing an old school pose behind kinda makes me laugh. sibeh 80s.thanks to hl, we had a picture of our suaku selves. look how tan we’ve became? 

other than the stay in mexico, niagara falls is the next best scenic trip of our vacation. too bad the coach ride didn’t include night view. otherwise it would have been even more spectacular with the colorful lights lighting up the creamy waterfall like the picture below.picture via the beauty hunter 

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