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Dear travellers and staycation hunters, if you’re searching for hotel reviews or Singapore accommodations, you’ve come to the wrong place. BUT wait a minute right there! I happened to be invited to have a tour in one of our best hotels (wolf whistles~), the Shangri-La hotel recently and boy was it an eye-opener trip for me.

Did you know icon-question-circle
The ‘S’ of the logo with the horizontal divider in between acts as the horizon between two parts of; the top represents the majestic Tibetan mountains and their mirror reflected in the waters below. Why the Tibetan mountains? Because the mountainside in Tibet provided peace and tranquillity to wandering travellers. Quite smart right? Namaste my friends.

It was as if I’m not Singaporean… shamefully. It wasn’t my intention to act tourist but yes I’ve come to conclude that, I do not know places around my own country enough. Better late than never and what better time to start? SG50 it is.

Before I start my review, as a traveller with a designer background, I would usually pay more attention to the surrounding art, graffiti, signages, decor and the nitty gritty stuff. So having said that, interestingly I got to know how the Shangri-La hotel logo came about.

shangrila-logo-meaning(Tibetan image source via hdimagewallpaper.com)

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
 22 Orange Grove Road, 258350, Singapore
 visit site

So as I mentioned, I rode my bike on a blazing afternoon to Shangri-La, got lost, perspired buckets and became grumpy. My own dark clouds were hovering above my head and I thought, that was it. My day has just been ruined. But as soon as I reached Shangri-La, I immediately felt better. Why? Because firstly, free parking entrance for motorcyclist haha (yes I cannot deny I like free things sometimes). Secondly, the flora. More trees, more shade, less humid and lastly, which was the main reason, the warm reception I got at the entrance.

The Tower Wing had really high ceilings with crystal chandeliers and some huge art pieces exhibiting made the lobby look really grand.


When Shangri-La first started operations in 1971, they only had one wing which was The Tower Wing. Over the years, proving themselves as one of the leading hotels, they extended to two additional wings, which is the Valley Wing (very atas1 and luxurious one) and the Garden Wing, my favourite by far.

The Valley Wing is prestigious alright. It has its own lobby area, drive through pickup point, private elevator & breakfast room and 24/7 personalised butler service (for suite guests) with just a press of the button away (this is too much please). I thought I was in another hotel or something *smacks forehead*. I was told that usually celebrities and ministers would stay in the Valley Wing and I understand why.

What I do see, was really comfortable rooms. It didn’t look very much like the usual hotel rooms I’ve seen. It’s more inviting and definitely homely looking. And this is a point scorer if you’re looking for a close-to-home yet luxurious space. The interior decor of the rooms reminded me of my recent favourite cable channel, HGTV. If you’re a TV junkie and a follower of the channel, you will know exactly what I mean.

Deluxe Amenity Quirks  icon-bullhorn
icon-angle-right personalised stationary
icon-angle-right premium L’Occitane toiletries
icon-angle-right LCD television facing bathtub
icon-angle-right choice of mood lighting in bathroom
icon-angle-right pillow menu (whut?)
icon-angle-right complimentary champagnes, wines etc

The Deluxe Room in Valley Wing.



Fresh fruits daily. Must-resist-grapes and convince myself those are sour. *Sour grapes* Can’t help that I love that fruit.


If you like… you could have someone shine your shoes you spoilt brats.


A 5-star hotel can give you L’Occitane body & bath products. In my opinion, a small gesture of having the hair band really shows how female customers are not forgotten. I’m not exaggerating or curry-flavouring. If you’ve ever tried digging your bag to find something that will hold your hair while you wash your face or attempt to wrap your head with a towel, put your hands up.



Deluxe Suite Amenity Quirks  icon-bullhorn
icon-angle-right personalised butler service
icon-angle-right laptop for personal use
icon-angle-right LCD television facing bathtub
icon-angle-right complimentary champagnes, wines etc

The Deluxe Suite with a big living space area.

Welcome home guys.




I like how the rooms are so bright with the natural lights hitting in and not looking haunted. A great place to hold a mini photo shoot for the fashionistas who would like a picture of themselves emo-ing by the window. I’m sure the window is a great hit with wedding photographers too.


The tropical view of the pool & garden area from the suite.


I was greeted by this sexy sunbathing statue while walking to the Garden Wing. Feeling the resort vibe already. I even spotted squirrels hopping around the Garden Wing area. That’s cute but do not feed the squirrels because they are angry animals.



Apparently, this koi pond is well-loved by hotel patrons.




One of my favourite part of the hotel, the three-storey Garden Atrium which was like a mini botanical garden. It’s a really good break away space from the cityscape in the neighbourhood. It’s not like a huge garden, but I subconsciously spent most time here enjoying the cool air and testing out my new Olympus EM1 camera shooting the water features. Photowalk style.

I already picture the Deluxe Room to be a really ideal place for staycations with my friends. I wasn’t expecting the room to have the cosy resort feel to it since the exterior of the bubble building looked modern. I’m especially loving the bubble balcony which was facing the swimming pool. Imagine sipping cocktail and baywatch #likeaboss.



Premier Balcony Suite Amenity Quirks  icon-bullhorn
icon-angle-right personalised housekeeping
icon-angle-right 24hr butler service
icon-angle-right Horizon Club Lounge exclusive access
icon-angle-right private jacuzzi / BBQ pit
icon-angle-right premium L’Occitane toiletries

The Premier Balcony Suite

Which has only 3 of such rooms is insane! It has the biggest balcony with a private mindblown outdoor jacuzzi and BBQ pit. Party time folks!


A gorgeous view of the pool backed up with the cosmopolitan city of high-rise buildings. Officially my favourite picture of the lot.





I was just chilling out at one of those beach chairs and minding my own business fiddling with the camera when a German guest who was here on a business trip, spoke to me. I casually asked if he enjoyed his stay in Shangri-la and he said he has been to a few Shangri-La hotels overseas and he has no complaints. He loved the convenience of shopping malls just around the corner yet within the hotel itself, it was secluded and peaceful.  After a long day of meetings after meetings, I’m sure it would be an awesome feeling to return to a place where you can clear your mind and just do nothing.


Without a doubt, Shangri-La has showed me a sight beyond what I had imagined it to be. Would I recommend Shangri-La to travellers? Absolutely!

A special thanks to Josephine Tee, a very personable guide for taking the time to show me around the prestigious vicinity.

1. Atas – Malay for Arrogant, snobbish, High-brow, sophisticated.
(source via. singlishdictionary.com)

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