2 June

The vibrant colours of Uluru only lasted for a few minutes. This reminds us to appreciate time & the beauty of nature while it lasts. We’re thankful to the Anangu Aboriginals for sharing their sacred sites with us travellers.  

Random Feature

Design / Gaming

Daisy Mae Cross Stitch Pattern

Created a cross-stitch fanart of Animal Crossing’s Daisy Mae so you don’t have to. Download the PDF and try it out yourself… it’s sooo therapeutic! 

ACNH Short Clip: Maple's Birthday Celebration!

My relatively new villager, Maple is a Gemini baby and we had a mini celebration in her house the past week (15th June). So cute I can't...
Together with Agnes & Lyndon, we made plans to do some healthy activities. Instead of visiting touristy places, we chose to spend half a day at the Macritchie Treetop Walk.
Even when Singapore is summer all year round, we had a great time! We managed to see some wildlife that we weren’t expecting. Our parks and nature reserves are pleasant enough and worth the visit.
Exploring Hometown

Macritchie Treetop Walk