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The Heritage & Street Art of Penang

Hey “George”, it’s been 6 months. I’m still having a love/hate relationship with you because on the second day of my visit, I fell really ill and all I wanted to do was head straight home. The food surprisingly was too ornate for my palate. I thought I wasn’t a picky eater until I met you. Most of the time your food was too oily for my liking. I wished I could be raving like everybody and say awesome food, but I am not one of them everybody. Also, I expected a grand farewell party with dramatic booms of fireworks? What you gave me was small farts of lights during the year-end countdown that left me with a “that’s it???” reaction.

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Mumford & Sons – Believe ♫

Mumford & Sons – Believe ♫


Weekly Photo Challenge : Off-Season

Unfortunately, we don't get 4 seasons in Singapore. We can't wear layers like big and fluffy trench coats, put on a thick swagger looking leather jacket or wear beanies in the afternoons because it's mostly Summer all year round and we'll be perspiring like a running tap. If anyone did, most likely they will be stared down as being crazy. Because we're near the equator, we only get 2 climates, wet & dry. The only off-season I could possibly think off would be during the early mornings where there's a field of greenery. The short-lived morning mist and the rare sight of cirrocumulus clouds while the sun rises, most probably best fit the theme.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Way

Pigeons on the move to grab what seemed like fruits beads that was scattered.

Paris: Palace of Versailles (Day 14)

Like finally, I’m down to the last post of our Paris trip. We bought a RER C line ticket to Château de Versailles, the palace we didn’t visit the last time round to Europe. This time round we had too much time and apparently too little place on our itinerary haha. But we really did enjoy ourselves taking slow walks, drinking too much coffee, eating too much awesome cakes… as if we were living the parisian life. Which in turn, seemed like i managed to see more things. More time to let the eyes people watch and observe the surroundings. Not a bad thing.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

There was motion, lights, honks and all that noisy city sounds but time stood still in that split moment while I was in admiration of the monument.
Alt-J – Breezeblocks ♫

Alt-J – Breezeblocks ♫


Just Paris (Day 12 & 13)


On day 12 & 13, we basically roamed around Paris which we didn’t had the luxury to do that on our first visit the previous year. Since the pictures are pretty much self-explanatory, I’ll leave this post as a photo entry. Every single time I get down to editing pictures, I’ll miss the times we spent there. Getting in the nostalgia mood much.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

In the midst of the hustling & bustling of a weekend in the city, daily post reminded me to blur those out and slow down my pace. While party goers lined up at clubs & pubs to booze their night away, cars zooming past, my sister taking a selfie with her bestie and the night lights glittering away. I remembered I had an "assignment". So I pulled back and took my time to immerse myself muffling the world out. My visions went blurred, the atmosphere sounded muddy, I think I felt a moment of peace while zoning out. Sounds like bullshit but that really happened.
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Weekly Photo Challenges: Ephemeral

Ephemeral - lasting for only a short time; transitory; short-lived: ephemeral pleasure
Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Weekly Photo Challenges: Fresh

This is not a advertorial post. Remembering the trip to Cambodia years back, this was probably the freshest thing I've ever had in my entire trip. Not that I haven't drank coke before but after a day of blazing sun, rustic & dusty temple after temple of tourist attractions, looking at the poor living conditions (mostly women & children camping at the pedestrian pavements without roofs over their heads)... going back to the accommodation and to be greeted with an ice cold coke sitting in the freezer is thee BEST feeling ever. It was a luxury. Too fresh.

Weekly Photo Challenges: Wall

So this is my first time participating in the Weekly Photo Challenge by The Daily Post. I hope I will be diligent enough to follow through every week. The reason why I chose this picture for the "Wall" theme was because my chase (i try) for graffiti artworks in different countries whenever I travel? This is one of my favorite. Taking the picture of this wall was hard work. We had to rent a bicycle, hunt down the wall with a map, take the pictures which doesn't fit into one frame and piece all the shots into one. Hard work aside, this piece is just gorgeous. I don't know.. I just love the quirkiness concept of the lady riding a mechanical fish. Fish, in the chinese mythology equates to "abundance". I will be bless with an abundance of health and wealth. If you're reading this, you will too! haha. #youbeblessed