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Singapore Travel & Photography Blog

If life must throw me lemons, I’ll make lemonade, cut two slices to make eye mask… cure the dark eye circles and leave some to mix with the toothpaste for whiter teeth.

Here’s where you read about the real deal and the sad truth. Like everyone else… big love for travelling but I can only call myself an occasional traveller. No, I can’t quit my job because I do not have the “dough”. By day, I freelance as a web designer. So yes, holla if you need design work done and in return, I can travel more and share my stories as real as life gets you.




Seriously, you’re not really interested to read a load of text about me. This personal blog of mine spells me all over anyways. And that I’m so bad at talking about myself so it’s okay, you can judge based on this space.

Thanks to the wise words and reminder of Mountain Khakis, I’ve decided to pay damn bills, die poor but travelled to places.

I’m almost everywhere on the web already but for convenience sake, these are where you can find me.


Ok see you around!

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