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Paris, see you soon (Day 14 – 16)

The last few days in Paris, we just walked around revisiting places to experience the atmosphere during the day and night. Stopped and walked into shops which we normally don’t because we were mostly going to places of interest and we didn’t wanted to waste time. Which goes to say, we really took out time during the last 3 days in Paris.

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Paris, xoxo (Day 12 & 13)

The last few days in Paris, our legs broke. Every night we went back with really tired backs and overused legs. The walk just to find a shop is no joke. I now understand how ANTM models lose their ways trying to find the agencies. It’s like one Boulevard Saint-Honore Germain can stretch from one far end to another. If only shops were to make their signages stick out, it would have been more efficient.

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